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Do you like zombies? Of course you do! Who doesn't like zombies? Well, unless one is gnawing its way through your skull trying to eat your brain, in which case even the most pro-zombie individual might be a little put off. No one wants to lose their brain to the undead. They sure do have voracious appetites...

Zombies are a huge pop culture phenomenon and zombie merchandise has become standard in many venues. There are zombie family stickers for your car, zombie shower curtains for your bathroom, zombie flasks for your adult beverages, and even zombie flip flops for your feet. Chances are, if you want it in zombie and want it now, it is out there waiting for you to stake your claim.

Much like your favorite football team, zombies even have their own set of colors. Team Zombie is usually black and neon green, sometimes with a little red mixed in for dramatic, bloody effect. This old standby has worked for a while and paracord items aplenty have been found in these colors, but the innovators at Atwood Rope decided to change all that ...

Introducing the zombie line of paracord! There are nine color combinations in this series, all of them horrifically delicious as any zombie product should be. Each is representative of afflictions that are a direct result of zombies from bits to corrosion to decay, oh my! The available colors and descriptions are as follows:

Zombie Bite-red, black, and white.
Zombie Antidote-pale blue, light gray, black, and white.
Zombie Biosludge-neon green, light gray, black, and white.
Zombie Corrosion-neon orange, light gray, black, and white.
Zombie Outbreak-yellow, light gray, black, and white.
Zombie Decay-black and neon green, heavy on the green.
Zombie Undead-orange, blue, neon green, and black.
Zombie Infection-black, neon green, and purple.
Zombie Virus-black and neon green, heavy on the black.

With these new colors, representing your fondness for zombies just got easier! Not only are they bound to give you cred in the brain eating community, but they are also pretty damn cool to look at even if you do not prefer brains for breakfast. Also beneficial is the high visibility of the bright colors with which they are made, not to mention the uniqueness in the patterning and color combinations. This is not your grandpa's zombie paracord, boys and girls!

So, my fellow zombie lovers, wear your zombie colors loud and proud and keep your brains safe!

Zombie Biosludge bracelet by Pelican Paracord
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Zombie Infection Sling by Pelican Paracord
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