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There are many ways to wrap a knife handle to make the grip area more comfortable and easier to grasp. In the past, we have discussed using basic wrap overlay to cover knife handles, which is done by laying a piece of cord against the handle and wrapping rungs of cord over it to fully over that piece of cord and the rest of the handle. Another option that has come up is the cobra stitch (AKA Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) which is done by tying that knot style over the handle until you run out of room.

Something else that has come to my attention recently is a spiral knot. I have used spiral knots on many things in the past because they look neat. The way the knot twists gives it a circular feel which is really pleasant for things such as key chains or lanyards because of how perfectly it seems to fit in your hand. While it never occurred to me to use a spiral knot as a grip before, it has occurred to me recently to turn a spiral knot into a zigzag and give that a try.

Spiral knots twist as you tie. The spiral knot is just like a cobra stitch, but instead of keeping the same piece of cord on top at all times, you always pull cord from the same side and use cord from that side on top. This is what causes the knot to spin and twist. If you were to stop pulling from that one side and start pulling from the opposite, the knot will reverse and start to spin the other way. It is by doing this that you can turn your spiral knot into a zigzag.

Start by tying a series of spiral knots. As the knot moves across your knot handle towards the other side, you will want to decide on a place to stop and reverse the knots, thereby creating the zag to the previously tied zig. As you reach the other side of your handle again, switch back and tie in the opposite direction once more. Repeat until you have covered the knife handle.

All it takes to change direction is switching the cord you allow to cover the top. By always keeping the same cord on top and the same one on the bottom, you cause a rotation in your knots. When you change these roles around, the knots reverse, creating a unique zigzag pattern down the side of your knife handle. This is a little asymmetrical as a gripping surface, but not so much that it will turn you off to using it. It is just as tacky to grip as a cobra stitch would be and varies only in where the bugling knots rest. If you think you might like it, give it a try, but be careful when handling knives as it is very easy to injure yourself (yes, those are Band-aids in the photo above), not to mention unpleasant.
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