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WTS: Unique, Handmade Aromatic Cedar Paracord Fids. From the TX Hill Country

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Up for sale is our newest endeavor, a paracord fid that has been hand shaven and sanded down to a super-fine finish. You won't believe how tight grained and smooth these things are. I will not be sealing, staining or otherwise covering up the awesome smell. The aromatic cedar comes from our family ranch in Junction, high up in the TX Hill Country. Back in 2011 there was the 'Oasis Pipeline' wild fire that burned over half of the ranch and actually came within 20 yards of the camp and bunk houses before being stopped. The burned cedar that was left is what these are made of. Now, since the wood has it's own personality, with knots and color patterns, I never know what the finished fid will look like, other than it will be lightweight, super strong and oh so fine and one of a kind. Thanks for looking. Msg with any additional requests for info/pics. Thanks, KnottyStuff4U

P.S. These four fids are the only ones I have in stock at the moment. I am getting others done as fast as I can. From TOP to BOTTOM, the prices are 20, 15, 30, 15 dollars plus 3 dollars shipping to US addresses. If you are out of country, please message me and I'll get you a shipping quote for your country. Thanks again.


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Okay, all the fids are sold. Stay tuned for more.
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