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    I have been making paracord belts for friends and coworkers. I use a double cobra stitch, not to be confused with the king cobra. I finish the end of the belt with a king cobra stitch for stiffness and because it brings the end to a point for easy lacing into your pants. I can make them in any color and length. They can be done in solid colors or two toned. Price for a medium (32-36" waist) would be $50 and a large ( 36-40" waist) would be $60. They can be made larger or smaller, just send me a message and I will be willing to make any size. I also offer a gunmetal buckle or a nickel buckle. I am always trying to pioneer new things, and am willing to try to make anything else that interests you. Approximately 4-6 hours goes into each belt, so I'm not really doing this for a big profit. Each belt contains 80-120' of made in USA true paracord. I only use top quality materials. Please let me know if you're interested. Also, I can offer molle straps sewn into the belt wherever you would like. The molle straps will not change the price of the belt.

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    That is super sick nasty. Would you mind if I copied your technique for my projects?
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    Considering that this thread is close to a year old and the fact that I've seen this belt design on the net before I don't think the person that made this thread would mind.