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A flashlight is an essential part of your survival gear and you should have one on or near you more often than not. Many flashlights these days come with carrying cases or pouches, mostly made of nylon that you can clip onto your belt. In a tactical situation, especially one in the dark, that leaves you fumbling clumsily for your light, putting yourself at risk of dropping it. If you drop your flashlight and a bad guy is coming for you armed with more than rank breath and colorful language, you could wind up in a world of hurt. No one wants that.

A solution would be to come up with a better means for carrying your flashlight, one that ensures it will be close at hand and easily accessible. It doesn\'t get much better than close at hand than practically IN your hand, which is what this flashlight paracord fob has to offer.

The light shown here is a Protac, which is small, coming in at under six inches. That makes it fit perfectly in your hand, and if it were connected to your hand, it would not weigh you down. With that in mind, go ahead and tie it to your hand...with paracord, of course!

Start out with 10-12 feet of paracord, based upon how much of the flashlight you would like to cover as well as the size of your hand. Fold that paracord in half, creating a loop through which your wrist can slip in and out of comfortably while still being snug enough not to fall off. Once you have established a good size for that loop, tie a knot. In the picture below, a plain ol\' knot is tied, but you can get fancy if you want. A knot such as a two-stranded stopper knot or a diamond knot would also work for this purpose.

Once you have your knot tied, place your paracord on the flashlight. You want the underside of the knot, the portion below your wrist loop, to be against the light. Begin tying at that point and tie knots down the length of the flashlight until you are happy with the length of cord on the light. A cobra stitch (AKA Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) is ideal in this scenario. When you reach the end, simply cut slack and seal loose ends with a burn.

Utilizing this flashlight fob will help you have your light handy at all times, because it will be practically in your hand. Of course, you need not walk around with a flashlight dangling from your wrist at all times, but in a situation where you might need to access it quickly, give this flashlight fob a try. It won\'t let you down.
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