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With hunting season upon us, it is only natural to be thinking about trekking through the woods in survival mode. Part of this means carrying a rifle or shotgun, but it also means being practical about what else you carry with you. In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of a paracord bayonet so that is a possibility you might want to consider. Ultimately, you are going to want to consider how you carry paracord as it is high on the list of items that can be of great use if you find yourself in a tough spot. We all go into the woods hoping for the best, but we must face reality and prepare for the worst at the same time.

The savvy hunter knows there is no such thing as too much paracord and will likely make the good choice that is outfitting their weapon with a paracord sling containing 30-40 feet of paracord. However, if you already have a sling and don\'t want to replace or revamp it just yet, there are other options for rifle related paracord carry.

The first of these options is to wrap your butt stock. You can do it neatly in rows created by circling the butt stock or you can throw it on haphazardly, just so long as it is on there. It will be just as functional regardless of how it looks as long as you are able to get it off when the time comes. You could also tie it on in a knot such as a cobra stitch if appearance is of particular interest to you.

The second option is to wrap your forearm. The same choice of method applies (neat, haphazard, cobra stitch) but be extra careful when wrapping this area to avoid placing paracord in locations that vent heat. Also to be avoided are areas with moving parts as you do not want your paracord to get stuck and cause a malfunction.

Wrapping the lever, as on a lever-action rifle, is a another option. This area will hold several feet of paracord and give you a smooth, comfortable lever to operate. In some circles, it has also become trendy to wrap the trigger housing, although this seems to have more cons than pros. Utilizing this option is going to be based on the type and size of trigger housing on your rifle or shotgun. A small housing will not hold much paracord and having it wrapped will interfere with the movement of your finger when actually pulling the trigger. The trigger is not the part of gun you want to set up to fail, so hindering the function of your trigger or trigger finger may not be in your best interests. Weigh the pros and cons in your individual situation and go from there.

Once again, paracord and survival go hand in hand as they work together to help you safely acquire sustenance through hunting. Enjoy your hunt. May your trips be safe and fruitful and your paracord unneeded.
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