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Paracord is practically synonymous with survival, and survival is made much easier when you have access to food. Food can come from a lot of sources; you can come across it by going to your neighborhood grocer as well as driving through a nearby fast food joint. Or you can get out there and nab your dinner the ol' fashioned way.

Carrying a box of ammo into the woods on a hunt is impractical for several reasons. Not only is it heavy and cumbersome, but it also makes noise. The same goes for loose rounds rattling around in your pocket or pack. No one wants to be tracking an impressive buck just to have the clink of your ammo send him running before you even get a shot off.

A convenient way to carry ammunition is via a bandolier. This keeps your ammo readily accessible, easy to carry, and, moreover, quiet. Suppose you do not have a bandolier, then what? Well, you could always make one...

Making a bandolier out of paracord is an option. You were going to be carrying paracord with you anyway (right?) so you might as well put it to good use from the get go. Give that paracord a job holding your ammo in a homemade bandolier!

To start, gather two separate pieces of paracord in lengths of approximately ten feet, or base your length selection on the number of rounds you wish to incorporate. For each round you intend to carry, allow 2-3 inches of cord for holding the round itself as well as the space between rounds. You will also want some slack at the ends to tie your bandolier around your chest or to your buttstock.

Take your cord and make a circular section as show below with the top portion of your circle on top. Pull the slack coming off of that top portion underneath your circle and then up through it, creating a loop. Slip a round into this new loop and tighten until it fits tightly on the round, holding it in place. Repeat until you have completed this on the base of each round you intend to use.

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With your second piece of cord, repeat the process, sliding it over the tips of your rounds and tightening as you go. It is important to tighten so your rounds stay securely in place, especially in the case of a tapered round. It is also key to remember that the knots you are tying are a type of quick release knot, which means that when pulled taut they will untie quickly. A benefit of this is that you can actually untie this entire bandolier in a matter of a couple of seconds once it is free of ammo and reuse your paracord immediately for another project.

A paracord bandolier is your friend. It is paracord with a purpose and will allow you to carry many rounds without adding much weight or bulk to your load. It also enables you to easily carry a sizeable amount of paracord while decreasing your sound production by eliminating the clink and clank of loose rounds, helping to level the playing field between you and that mouth-watering buck that is calling your name.

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