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Half the fun of owning paracord lies in the experimentation. This could mean anything from trying to find new uses for it or trying to create new methods of tying it. There are several books out there detailing complex paracord patterns and projects as well as knots you can use to bring those projects to life. Online videos are also a great source of inspiration if you prefer.

An interesting knot I learned to tie recently is the T-Virus Sinnet. It is a quick, easy to tie knot that can incorporate two colors. One of the best features of this particular knot and the resulting bracelet is that it has some stretch and give to it. This is advantageous compared to the likes of a cobra stitch (AKA the Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) which is much more fixed and rigid when tied tightly. Because of this, it is easier to fit bracelets tied with this type of knot to different people without worrying it will be too small since it is more accommodating.

The T-Virus Sinnet may require more cord to make in relation to the size of the finished product than other bracelets. The middle section only needs to be at least a few feet long with the outer section requiring about twice that amount of cord. These estimates will vary based on the size of your wrist and the closeness with which you tie your knots, of course. The closer your knots are, the more you will need to tie and thus the more cord you will use.

To create a T-Virus Sinnet, take the longer length of cord that is to be your outer cord and fold it in half. To each side of the halfway point, tie a quick release knot by creating a loop and pulling your slack through it. In the newly formed loop, place your interior cord. At the top of your bracelet, you want to leave some slack to act as a closure point, but once you have that worked out, you want to tie your knots in close proximity to one another. Keep tying the same quick release knot all the way down both sides, passing your center cord through the loops. The key, however is to alternate the center cord to make it twist. When you reach the end, cut and burn excess, but leave the slack on the center color intact, then tie a closure knot of your choice. This knot will pass through the slack at the other end of your bracelet to hold it in place on your wrist. Because of this, you want it to be loose enough to pass through but not so loose that it will fall back out, possibly causing you to lose your bracelet.

The T-Virus Sinnet is a fun take on a paracord bracelet, especially if you are a Resident Evil fan. If you prefer a video tutorial, check out the instructions provided by TIAT below.
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