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I am always looking for new and interesting paracord projects to undertake. Since making things with my hands basically makes me happy, it is safe to say I have made a serious amount of paracord items in my day. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over can get monotonous though, so spicing it up is essential to keep from getting bored. At the same time, however, old habits die hard. I haven\'t tried to make a new style in a little while, having been spending most of my time making bracelets and slings with a cobra stitch (AKA Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) and my brain would not let me do something new. I\'d drift off and stop paying attention and next thing you know, the new style I was tying had morphed into an old style. The joys of being a paracord machine are endless, I tell you.

The most recent project undertaken around here is an alternating half hitch style knot. It is actually quite easy to tie and uses a comparable amount of cord to a cobra knot. To create, wrap your cord around a buckle or whatever closure means you wish to use (I used a pen for the sake of practice), leaving the center cords hanging down. It is those cords around which you will tie your knots. It is easiest to get the hang of this through the use of two contrasting colors so you can see your mistakes, should you make any, and fix them promptly.

You are going to tie alternating knots with each color. The two sides of your bracelet with be solid in color but the center will alternate and look similar to the rungs of a ladder if every other one were painted a different color. To tie, simply take one outer strand at a time and loop it over the middle on the top side of your interior cords. Then pass that strand back under the bottom side, taking the length of your cord and pulling it up through the hole created when you first started your knot.

You can leave your knots as loose as you wish, or pull them tightly. If you leave them loose, this gives them freedom of movement, allowing them to be pushed up and squished together. Doing this will mean having to tie more knots overall, but it does allow for a neat look. Have fun and experiment with this knot until you decide on your preferred texture and appearance, then cut at the end and seal with a burn and your alternating half-hitch will be ready for wear.
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