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Discussion in 'How To' started by freelyreading, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. freelyreading

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    So I was wondering how to make a safety strap for a tree stand, if its even possible to make it? I got asked by a family member if it was possible for me to make one and I have no idea if it is possible or how to start one.a
  2. HardcoreSlot

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    Not out of paracord.
    you need real, official, fall protection.
    Real fall protection stretches and flexes a bit and cushions a fall. Paracord will stop immediately and snap you to a stop and potentially do more damage than the fall itself.

  3. Trab9000

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    You certainly want a fall arresstor that is RATED!

    On a side note, 550 paracord is rated to 550 min breaking strength. The Working limit for 550 Paracord is only 55 to 100lbs. Please don't be fooled that Paracord will hold your weight for anything. It will break and you will get hurt. You need rated life line and rated hardware for applications like this.