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    Found some true tie dye 550 cord on Etsy the other day, which is pretty cool. Laced it up in black microcord, which I think goes a long way in calming down these wild colors.

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    Nice, and lacing makes everything better too. Lol I Extreme Para has some Autism Awareness puzzle paracord that's fantastic. Generally I'm not a big fan of the camo colors, but I do like the AA one and some other patterns.

    Yoyo, you know what might look good with that cord? Paracord guild has a tutorial video on how to make rope with regular cord by twisting them together, there is a certain technique which causes miltiple strands to twist around each other and not come undone. Then get you some "plastic breakaway necklace barrel clasps" and make twisted rope necklaces. You can get them at amazon, paracord suppliers, hobby lobby.

    Look like this:
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