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In your travels you may have seen paracord bracelets with a thin line of some sort running down the center. While some of these are for fashion and because people like to mix and match colors, others actually do have meanings. The most prominently displayed line is probably blue set on a black bracelet. This is known as the \"Thin Blue Line\" and represents police officers; it represents the police force as the thin line between civilians and the criminal element. You have probably seen a many officers wearing such a bracelet, but if you were to wear one, it would be as a show of support, so don\'t expect it to get you out of any tickets!

The \"Thin Red Line\" is meant to signify Fire Fighters. The red line concept originated in military battle and referred to a thinly spread force holding back the enemy. This is appropriate when you consider the large, roaring fires that must be fought be only a few good men and women on the ground. It is said that the Thin Blue Line originated from the same concept as the Thin Red Line, which also is a logical connection.

Other groups and agencies are also represented by \"Thin Lines\" in different colors. The color used is meant to signify their association with or belief in a certain group or organization. Many of these are set on a black background. A few examples are:

The Thin Yellow Line represents Military, Security, and Loss Prevention Associates.

The Thin Silver Line signifies Corrections Officers and Prison Guards.

The Thin Green Line represents Federal Agents such as Border Patrol, Park Rangers, and Conservation Personnel.

The Thin Orange Line represents Search and Rescue/Recovery Personnel.

The Thin White Line has in recent years come to represent Wounded Warriors.

Examples of Thin Lines not set on a black background are as follows:

Another version of the Thin White Line, which signifies Emergency Medical Personnel such as Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, consists of a Thin White Line on a royal blue background.

There is also a second type of Thin Red Line in the Vietnam Veteran bracelet. It is kelly green and yellow with a thin red line down the center.

With many bracelets being made and sold for their attractiveness alone, it is easy to forget that some of these bracelets have true meaning behind them. There are lots of different Thin Lines and reasons for them, but it is sometimes questionable if the wearers know what the bracelet on their arm signifies. By researching and learning about these color significances, you yourself will not only be educated, but you can pass that information along to others who also might wish to know. Just because a bracelet looks pretty does not suggest that the meaning behind it is not pretty deep.

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