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They don\'t just call it a survival bracelet for the heck of it...paracord really does have many practical and potentially life-saving capabilities that can aid you in actual survival. If you don\'t believe it, put one to the test and see for yourself. Paracord has been known to rise to quite a few survival occasions, ten of which are listed below.

1. If your sense of direction is bad and you have sense enough to know this, mark your path with paracord as you hike through unfamiliar terrain. Tie paracord pieces in highly visible places to trees or shrubs and follow the paracord signs on your way back out of the woods when the time comes.

2. Hopefully you have not injured yourself on your woodland excursion, but if you have, paracord may be able to save the day! It makes for a great tourniquet and can even be used as a bandage to stop bleeding or in the making of a splint.

3. Perhaps you tripped and fell and instead of injuring yourself, you injured your clothing. Say your pants caught on a tree limb as you fell, ripping in the most embarrassing of ways. So what if no one is around to see? Your buns are hanging out and the breeze upon them is not pleasant. Take some of that paracord inner twine and sew your pants back together. Hopefully you have a needle, but if not, a sharp stick and some patience can get you through.

4. Weaponry is something you should be carrying in addition to paracord, but if you are known for your forgetfulness, then make your paracord do the remembering for you. Many bracelets are made and sold that contain small knives so you\'ll always have one handy. Perhaps you can find one with a sewing needle inside to aid you should you experience a problem such as #3 listed above.

5. While it is nice to sleep in the wilderness underneath the starts, what is not so nice is sleeping under a deluge or downpour. If you didn\'t use paracord to mark your trail (tsk, tsk!) and wound up lost and stuck in the woods for the night, take your bracelet apart and use it to make a shelter. You can use the cord to make a lean-to by tying cord between two trees and leaning tree limbs against it from one or both sides. Then climb inside and stay mostly dry!

6. When you wake up in the morning and make your way out of your shelter, the first thing you are going to hear is the sound of your stomach rumbling. Hopefully you still have some paracord left to use as a fishing line to catch yourself a fish. With an improvised or even an actual hook, a worm, and some inner twine, you can bring some breakfast ashore. You can also make a trot line.

7. If you don\'t have a hook and cannot improvise one or perhaps didn\'t want to eat fish anyway, you can always create an animal snare. Basically a gill net for land dwelling creatures, a snare is a noose that can be constructed with paracord. When an animal passes into the snare, it cinches down, trapping them. Snares can be illegal though, so check your local laws.

8. Now that you\'ve caught yourself something to eat, you might want to cook it. Paracord can be used to aid in fire starting although it is not the easiest task. The technique that utilizes paracord is the bow drill, which creates friction and thus heat. To make it work, you need to have a spindle, fireboard, a socket, a bow, paracord, and patience. Practice this one when you can as it can be tough to master, especially in a pinch.

9. If you have a pesky fish bone or something else of great annoyance stuck in your teeth after your woodland dinner is consumed, just take a piece of inner twine loose and floss your problems away. Flossing is also healthy as gum bacteria has been known to enter the bloodstream and cause a host of problems up to and including heart ailments. Make that gum bacteria go away with paracord!

10. There are a lot of times in life when it is necessary to stand our ground and fight, but there are also times when it is necessary to run like your life depends on it, because it might. In this case, make sure your shoes are tied tight with good laces, or paracord laces as the case may be. If you are running from a hungry predator, you want to be able to run fast without having to worry if your shoes are going to run with you or fall off and trip you. Don\'t be ashamed by the need to run, but do run fast when the occasion calls for it.

These ten uses for paracord are merely the tip of the iceberg. Paracord has literally hundreds of uses. It is a wonder we are not sick of hearing about all the great things you can do with paracord, but perhaps it is the other way around-paracord is so great that we cannot get enough.
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