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One of my favorite types of footwear is flip flops. I wear them everywhere, even in places that are really not the most flip flop friendly. They are just so convenient to put on and take off at will that they are irresistible to my feet. My back does not necessarily agree, but that's another story entirely.

While most of the country is buried in snow and ice, flip flops are not likely on the brains of many people. Because of that, flip flops are cheap! It is winter and not a lot of folks are likely to be buying flip flops right now, so you can score yourself a deal on some clearance flip flops. Deals are always welcome in my bank account! Plus, since it is winter and you will not be wearing your flip flops too soon (unless you live in Florida where folks are bragging about their 80 degree weather), that will give you time to procrastinate and finally get around to survival-izing your flip flops before warmer weather arrives.

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The idea of survival flip flops may seem like a strange one, because when you think of survival, flip flops are probably not the footwear that comes to mind. All terrain sneakers and boots are better choice, sure, but flip flops have their advantages. You could always find yourself in a survival situation at the beach. Plus, when you make camp in the woods, why not take off those heavy boots and put on flip flops while you relax? How about placing some paracord on those flip flops so you will be conveniently carrying paracord on your feet?

To make a survival flip flop, all you need to do is overlay the upper portion with paracord. You can wrap it around and around or you can tie a cobra stitch or another flat knot. Intricate knots that wind will be uncomfortable against your feet though, so select something that will be flush with the natural curves of your flip flop. Simply tie up one side and down the next, cutting excess and sealing with a gentle burn pressed flat so it does not rub your feet.

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Just like that, you have a survival flip flop! Even if you do not take this concoction seriously as a survival shoe, you must admit it is neat looking. While you may never realistically trek off into the wild blue yonder wearing flip flops, you do go to places like the grocery store and emergencies can happen there, too. Always be prepared, even if that means wearing, and using, survival flip flops.
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