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Suggestion / feature request .

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Has it been considered to add a live IRC/ chat room section to the forum site & apps?
It would be awesome to discuss this type of thing with all these knowledgeable poeple more 'on the fly'.

Ok, so I am partially motivated by the idea of faster, more dynamic / interactive answers to questions, but live chat brings out a lot of good stuff, that I would suggest the developers add a pasteboard or clipper where chatters could store useful links and tips that come up in conversation.

The only downside is, depending on your level of perceived responsibility / liability, you may feel a need to have it moderated to ensure suitable content.

Or is there already a channel the regulars hang out that I haven't been invites to yet? ;)

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We have tried the instant chatroom idea in the past, but unfortunately, every attempt has failed miserably. Some members on the other forums have been real successful with a member thread, and provided you have the members on line, can be very fluid and fun.
I should have realised it would have been tried, I'm not _that_ great an original thinker ;)

Yeah I've seen a number of hit and misses on various sites/forums too.

Just thought I'd pop it out there :)


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