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Strength of a Spliced Cord?

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I am new to paracord and making bracelets, etc. with it. I have already started and have made several. I plan to sell what I make. I have seen various methods of splicing two cords of different colors together to make a two color project. I assume that melting cord together results in a cord with very little strength if the cord is needed for survival, etc. unless that splice is cut out and the two pieces of cord are used separately. That melted splice can't have any weight bearing ability. Is this correct? I am thinking that I need to say this to anyone who purchases a two color bracelet. Opinions are welcome.

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Although the melted spices are not as strong as the uncut cord, in an emergency the person can knot the two colors together or use them separately depending on the situation and the need.
That is what I thought. It is good to tell someone who purchases a two color bracelet just in case. :)

Correct OP let our customers know that the two cords were melted together and its not as strong as a single piece.
You got it! I wouldn't put any weight on a melted together cord lol. I can usually pull them apart by hand (hard, but will break). Good thing you are going to tell them!! Post up some pics of your projects
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