shrinkage of paracord 550

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    I am new to the paracord and i have one question.
    I've paracord 550 bracelet and i would like to know if it shrinks when its wet.

    I mean, when i will just regularly shower/bath with it, it will not be in boiling water, or in washing mashine (max 30degrees C).

    I've read it will shrink by 1/4 of its length, but it sounds silly..and also that real 550 paracord never shrinks. Whats true about it?

    Thank for replies.
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  2. steven60

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    I haven't had an issue with it yet but I don't get it wet all the time either.I used to have a watch band with it that did get wet a lot with washing hands and such and it started to stink after a while.

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  3. MrParacord

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    It depends on the manufacturer.
    My EDC bracelet that I had for over three years hasn't shrunk yet. I wear it outside and it's gotten wet numerous times from sweat, rain, washing hands, etc.
  4. Nelson

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    I've read 5%. My experience is more like 7 to 8%. I try to avoid getting a paracord bracelet wet, but if you can't avoid it, I would pre-shrink the cord in scalding water until the water is warm, press it somewhat dry with paper towels, then hang it up to dry overnight prior to making the bracelet.
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