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Something that has grown very popular in our society these days is support and awareness ribbons. They come in various types, but one thing that is always the same is the special meaning behind them. Different colors signify different causes and a lot of times purchasing support ribbons gives money to a charity in support of particular cause. Some of the most widely known support ribbons are yellow to support our troops and pink to support breast cancer. There are several other causes sometimes associated with the same colors; yellow, for example also represents lymphoma.

You can purchase support ribbons in many forms and in every color of the rainbow; some are even multi-colored, such as those representing Autism. Some are made of actual ribbon that you can pin onto your clothing or there are metal pins available as well. Also popular are magnetic ribbons that you can affix to your vehicle. Another way to show your support, however, is with paracord.

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To make the ribbon below, I took a length of cord and folded it in half. I then turned it so the fold was facing down and moved up about 6 inches. It was at that point that I began tying cobra knots (Solomon Bar/Portuguese Sinnet). As I was getting near to the end, I stopped tying and bent my paracord in an arc, sliding my completed knot section between the interior cords and affixing a pinback to the back although a safety pin would work as well. I then began tying knots again until reaching the end, at which point I cut excess and sealed it with a burn which unfortunately discolored somewhat. The end result was a paracord pin in the shape of a support ribbon. There may be easier ways to do this with different knots, but this was my first attempt and it served its purpose. The pin it created was heavier than a standard pin but not too heavy for use. Bending the tied paracord was difficult, however, so you may want to tie looser knots (I prefer mine tight, which I think was part of the problem).

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It can be hard to know what to say to people who are suffering with illness or undergoing treatments that mean the difference between life and death. A support ribbon, be it made of paracord or anything else, can possibly do the talking for you. By utilizing silent solidarity, paracord once again proves useful by allowing us to express things we do not always find it very easy to say aloud.
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