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I've never made one before, but the same principles apply.

Take into account how much a foot of paracord cost me then multiply that by how many feet was used to make the sling (that's my cost), then how much I paid for the hardware. Again that's my cost for materials.

Then factor in your time to make one, now you have your (as I like to call it) base price.
Once you have your base price now you can add a percent like 50%-500% to get your selling price.

Check online to see what other comparable products are selling for and adjust your price from there.

IMPORTANT: Leave your self enough margin so that if some talks you down on a product you know exactly how low you can go and still make a nice profit.

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For gun slings and radio straps that I make I usually charge about 6 dollars per foot for something easy maybe a little more for something more complicated or one with more than two colors.

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