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Seeking knot to tie ends of same cord parallel

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I'm making a quick release weave with the cord doubled twice, so four strands on each side just in a zipper sinnet or something.

But during the weaving one end always slips up and ends being much shorter.

I want to tie them together securely (but undo-able) so the ends are even and parallel.

I included 2 quick snaps for extra clarification.

I tried overhand knot etc, and the one in the pic Is a quickly and poorly tied figure 8 stopper.

But I was hoping for something more flush and streamline to pass through loops etc.

Obviously whipping it or taping it would be best but I don't have the stuff on me to do that and doubt I always will in future.

So, anyone know an appropriate knot?

I thought asking the friendly pros would be faster than reading 3000+ knots in ABOK right now.

Lazy , guilty : p

Thanks peeps :)

Wood Trunk Font Twig Grass

Wood Sleeve Dress Twig Hardwood

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1. Try the Double Mathew Walker knot. It's easy to tie and untie. Here is a pic of the knot.

2. I was going to suggest a Chinese Button knot a.k.a Diamond knot but sometimes those knots can be somewhat difficult to untie depending on how tight you tie it.
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Cheers MrP. :)

Those aren't exactly flush / inline joining knots tho, they seen more like bulky stoppers..

Was looking for more like an Albright Knot but with the two ends flush rather than connecting.

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Hmm I think an overhand or figure 8 is about as simple and therefore small as it's going to get.

I tried to construct an Albright special where the running and standing ends were reversed but my knot-brain isn't that sophisticated.

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So you want a knot that you can tie with two pieces of different paracord?
Well, yes, and kind of maybe , lol.

It should be able to be applied equally to either two separate aligned strands running parallel, or a single strand that has been doubled , with it's loose (running ?) ends aligned and parallel.

To tether / tie them to each other (like in the pic) but I was hoping for a very low profile knot so it can be threaded in and out of weaves.

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