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If you like the idea of a Crown Sinnet knot but wish it were round and rotating instead of straight and square, I have good news for you! The Round Crown Sinnet is made very similarly to the Crown Sinnet, but it has a different shape and overall texture. It still looks great, but in a different way.

A Round Crown Sinnet is a very comfortable bracelet. It is bulky, but due to being round is not abrasive against your skin. This is handy for those with sensitive skin or who do not like the feel of hard edges that have the potential to rub. It also makes for a great lanyard due to easy of gripping and conveniently fitting into your hand.

To tie this bracelet, you need to be prepared to put all of your fingers to work. Much like the Crown Sinnet that is square, the Round Crown Sinnet has several cords that need to be pulled and tightened at once. The best way to do this is to pull them all equally until you get them contracted to the base of your knot pile, then work each individual one until snug. Once the knot is in place, be careful not to let it go or else it will loosen and you will have to go back and tighten it again.

Begin your Round Crown Sinnet by overlapping the centers of the cords you wish to use. Several colors can be incorporated into this bracelet, but even numbers like two or four make it easier to track your progress. Take the cords from your bottom color (provided you are using two colors) and crisscross it over the top of the other color, taking each strand from one side and moving it across to the other side. This will create loops that appear to be opposite of one another. You then need to take the other cords and weave them through the loops by taking a piece of cord not yet used and pass it over the descending part of the first loop and through the opposite loop at the point where it is fully formed. Repeat this process from the other direction with the last piece of cord.

Now is where it gets interesting! You need to repeat the step you just took, but when you crisscross the cords, you need to rotate them. This is what will make the difference in your crown sinnet being round or square. Simply give your strands a sideways hike when you cross them over and continue this trend all the way through, but always make that sideways hike in the same direction to keep your colors flowing, especially when using several colors at once. In the end you will have a round bracelet or lanyard that is more exciting to look at and more comfortable should you choose to wear it.
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