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let's cut right to the chase (no pun intended) this blade is one of the best I've ever seen. The lock is durable, the grip is fantastic, and the price range is a steal.

Manufacturer: Ontario Knife Co.

Made in: Taiwan (not bad. It's much better to have Taiwanese products over Chinese or Mexican made products)

Steel type: AUS-8 stainless (great steel. Knife comes razor sharp and can easily be resharpened)

Grip material: g-10 rubber scales

Lock type: frame lock/ liner lock (I don't know the difference)

Dimensions: width: .5 inches. Total length: 8.5 inches. Blade length: 4 inches. Height: 1 inch

Msrp: $40.00 USD

Just a wonderful knife. I've even cut down trees with it. If you have the money and you like knives, you owe it to yourself to buy this


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You made another pun when you said "and the price range is a steal". :)
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