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Re-purposing is all the rage these days and takes on many shapes and forms. Old glass windows are now picture frames. Tires become floral planters. Rusty rakes become wine glass racks. Wooden ladders become towel racks. Tin cans become lanterns. The repurposing movement is all about breathing new life into old things, and the good news is, paracord can help!

Suppose you find in your hot little hands a nylon rifle sling with which you are not particularly enamored. You hate to throw it away and it does not have a significant amount of value to make selling and shipping it worthwhile. Also not high on your list is actually using it, although if it could be fixed up somehow to be both more practical and easier on the eyes you might reconsider.

You can fix the lackluster, uninteresting appearance of that plain old sling by layering paracord atop it. Select a color, or colors, that you like and simply tie a cobra stitch (AKA Soloman Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) over the sling. One pass may be enough to satisfy you, but if not, simply turn it over when you reach the end and tie back to the point where you started. Or, if you have an adjustable sling and wish to keep it that way, tie until you reach the point where you would like the adjustable area to begin/end. There is no such thing as too much paracord, so the more you tie, the more you will have with you anytime you are utilizing your sling. When you reach the end, cut the excess and burn to prevent fraying, then attach to your rifle and go!

An obvious benefit of a sling with a paracord overlay is that if you have to use the paracord for something, you still have a fully functioning sling underneath! Having an actual sling as a base is great because you have useful components that can function together or separately to fulfill your needs. Plus, if you do not already own a sling to use as a base, you can frequently find good deals on used ones. A little wear and tear is no big deal if you are going to hide those flaws under a layer or two of paracord, plus you can save money buying a pre-loved sling over buying new components and assembling them to create something you will ultimately cover with paracord and hide.

Also beneficial is that paracord comes in a wide array of colors. If you are starving for self-expression or are in need of a few extra square inches of safety orange to meet your state\'s requirements during hunting season, paracord is the answer for which you have been searching!

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