Question about glow in the dark paracord.

Discussion in 'Cord Types & Questions' started by Lostfan48, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Lostfan48

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    :confused:I would love to use the glow in the dark paracord for other projects and i know it is good to pre shrink the cord. but my putting it in water would it ruin the cord ware it woun,t glow in the dark
  2. Deek550

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    I think the American made cord, I believe you would be fine. The imported cord, which appears to come in solid colors & the whole cord glow, I think may have chemical additives that may bleed out. I've seen two types of glow in the dark cord, the tracer type & the full white/faded white type. The tracer type is your standard Paracord with a tracer that is glow in the dark and gives the cord a rough feeling and doesn't glow nearly as good as the white/faded white type. Those glow much better & I believe longer. I made a cat collar with glow-in-the-dark cord. It's the off-white type and it glows really bright if you let it charge up in the light.

  3. bigtexprepper

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    I don't know just to be safe I wouldn't I used to pre shrink as well but found out it really doesn't make to much deference your customer might get it wet from rain but not hot scolding water I just tell them if you have to clean it use cold water
  4. MrParacord

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    That's a good question and I'm sure whoever your buying the cord from should be able to answer this question.

    I would say the cord should be able to handle getting wet simply because it is cordage.
  5. Trab9000

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    FWIW, while you can find glow in the dark cord that is made in the US, the yarns are only available as an import. It's also only available in polyester. I don't think pre-shrinking it will hurt it at all.