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I have very little knowledge of woodworking. All of my info on the subject is a byproduct of practicing nunchaku-do, however.

Actual carpenters I have asked about this seem perplexed, telling me to "just dry the wood in the sun with masking tape over the un-wrapped surface, and make sure you use a varnish first."

On my cheaper, factory-cut and poly-filled weapons, I have no issue employing light glue or other chemicals in my war against the Boiling Water Trick's downside. However, on my ironwoods I am very keen on NOT besmirching their au naturel tung oil finishes that don't slip or stick in a unique way, EVEN THOUGH they're recieving grips.

I take very good care of my exotic hardwoods, and would like to know if anyone has advice gleaned from shrink wrapping an axe, sword, knife, pen, or literally anything whose wooden handle was of high value and whose integrity was of great importance?
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