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As paracord bracelets have become more common, they have also become mass produced. Once they popped up for sale in retail outlets, steps had to be taken to differentiate and make one better than another. The solution to this was to accessorize paracord bracelets with different accents. Some had charms or trinkets attached while others had emblems and logos tied inside. The practicality of these bracelets may not be quite as realistic as a true survival bracelet, but even though they were created as a fashion statement, something can be learned from them.

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One of the popular trends was to weave a sports team logo into a bracelet. If you take that bracelet apart in a survival situation, that logo piece is not going to do you a lot of good. What will do you some good is something else being in the place of that logo, such as a compass. If you tie a compass into your bracelet, you will always have access to directional guidance. Even if you take your bracelet apart, you can put the compass in your pocket or pack and still benefit from its use.

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Another option is a key, handcuff or otherwise. There may not be a lot of need for a handcuff key in your daily travels but you never know when that might change. Weave a handcuff key into your bracelet for convenient carrying and if you take that bracelet apart, place the key in your pocket or on your key chain.

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Fishing hooks and weights also come in handy during unexpected times. If you are forced to spend a night in the woods and get hungry, having a hook and a weight inside of paracord bracelet can snag you some dinner. When adding a hook to a paracord bracelet, you want to tie it inside the body where it will be unable to scratch or cut you. This is frequently done by adding a thicker section at one end of the bracelet near the buckle where 'stuff' is stored. It does not require special knotting; it simply becomes thicker because you are tying over the items you wish to store in there.

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Accessorizing paracord bracelets can work for everyone as well all have that something extra we need/want to carry. Make your survival bracelet provide even more of a service to you by carrying and concealing small items. Enhanced paracord bracelets are not only for Justin Bieber fans after all.

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