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There are various types of paracord bracelets that can be made. So many, in fact, that it is safe to say that the sky is the limit. Colors, closures, and knot combinations make it so that you can do a lot of projects before ever making the same one twice. Today I would like to introduce a new type of bracelet, one that involves repurposing as well as a new use for your bracelet components.

To make what is called a Pop Tab Bracelet, you are going to need around 20 pop tabs depending on the size of your wrist. A pop tab is the metal ring on top of a soda can that you use to open the can. They are attached to the can by a small ring in the center of the bottom hole-you do not need that small ring so discard it if it comes off with the tab. This might leave a bit of a coarse, scratchy area that can irritate your wrist so fix any coarseness where the small ring used to be by filing it down. Filing will also help keep the paracord from snagging on any rough metal edges.

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With your pop tabs ready to go, plan and affix the type of closure you wish to use on one end of your soon to be bracelet at the center of your cord with it folded in half. Then select your paracord. A good rule of thumb in this case is to use two inches of paracord for every pop tab, so if you are using 20 tabs, you will need 40 inches of paracord. Take the two ends of your paracord and thread them up through the first tab with one end going through each hole and slide it down towards your buckle. For the second tab, take the two ends and place them down with one end going through each hole and also slide it towards your buckle. At this point your tabs will appear to be facing one another with their smooth top sides but you want to hold them in a way that the tops of both are facing you. Then take the cords you just pushed down through your second tab and bring them back down through the top of your fist tab. Pull tight as this will create your first fully formed loop. From here on out all you do is repeat this process as you add tabs until you have get almost to the desired length for your bracelet. When you are approximately a half an inch from the end buckle, take your paracord and loop it through your buckle (or other closure). Bring the cord back around to face your pop tabs and tie a few cobra knots, then cut excess and seal with a burn.

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While this bracelet is neat to look at, it also serves a purpose. The pop tabs, in addition to being repurposed and kept out of trash cans can actually aid you in a survival situation by helping you catch fish. Between those pop tabs and the paracord in your bracelet, you are carrying the tools to provide yourself with a fish dinner in the wilderness. Talk about the ultimate survival bracelet!
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