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The pesky thing about heat is that, well, it can burn you. No one enjoys being burned, especially when the burns are severe. It also goes without saying that when you get burned in the middle of nowhere on a camping trip, burn care is not going to be the most available thing. Sure, you can take steps to quell the pain and protect the burn, but there are no doctors in the wilds and you will be, in large part, on your own with only the (hopefully stellar) first aid kit you have assembled.

One of the most common ways to burn yourself is on hot cooking utensils. The pots and pans we generally use for camping are lightweight and pretty much no frills. The bad thing about that is one of the best frills ever associated with pots and pans are those convenient plastic handles that keep you from being burned. Unfortunately those handles do not exist on all cookware, and sometimes you have to find a way to touch a hot, metal handle. Pot holders work wonders as long as you have them, but that is one more thing to carry and one more thing to possibly forget. To keep metal handles insulated so that the heat cannot travel from the hot metal into your hand, add paracord to your pots and pans.

Placing a layer or two of paracord on the handle of a pot and/or pan is quick and easy. The rewards for doing this are that you get to keep the skin on your hands intact and free from painful burns and potential lasting damage. The amount of time and paracord it takes to do this are well worth the trouble it will save you down the road, especially when you forget to pack a pot holder.

Simply place a small section of paracord against the metal pot handle. This section only needs to be a few inches long. Taking the length of your cord, begin wrapping coils down the length of your pot handle, covering the section of cord pressed against it. Wrap from end to end and, if you wish, back again. When you feel you have adequately covered your metal handle, cut the excess and seal with a burn.

Paracord pot handles may not be as effective as a pot holder, but they are absolutely the next best thing. This is also a new way to carry paracord and thus make your stuff work for you. Thanks to yet another awesome use for paracord, you can have a nice, warm meal in your stomach and no burns on your hands. Culinary awesomeness has officially been added to the paracord usage list!
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