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Throughout the course of our days, many of us have to pick up and carry something at some point. Whether that something is a backpack, briefcase, or satchel, you carry it by grasping some sort of handle or strap. Handles on bags are often made of coarse nylon that can be hard on your hands. It may cut into your skin as you carry items that are particularly heavy, possibly even causing blisters or callouses. Some bags have handles that are not compatibly made for the load they end up carrying, which can make hand pain even more of a problem as such straps buckle inward upon themselves.

Throwing backpacks over your shoulder can have much the same painful affect. As cheaper materials are sought to save consumer dollars and make a more financially appealing product, durability and construction are often sacrificed as is comfort. It is not unusual to see kids struggling to bring home a load of homework in a bag that is cutting into their tiny shoulders.

Both of these issues can be rectified with a little bit of paracord. By using paracord to reinforce and pad handles or straps, comfort is again possible at the hands (and shoulders!) of the carrier of that bag. All it takes is a few feet of paracord for each section you wish to cover to not only make it easier and more comfortable to bear the weight of bags but is also serves as a reinforcement that strengthens straps as well.

A quick and simple remedy for straps and handles is a paracord wrap. Tuck a section of paracord against a handle and wrap over it. Be sure to keep the cords snug and close together so they will not loosen and will hold the tucked end in place. As you reach the end of your wrapped section, cut the excess and seal with a burn. Since this burn will have to be pressed against the rungs you just wrapped, you may want to hide it out of sight on the underside, taking care to place it where it won\'t rub your skin. Also, be careful to avoid singeing your bag.

In addition to a wrap, you can place a cobra stitch (Solomon Bar/Portuguese Sinnet) over the handle. All you have to do is start your cord at one end of the handle and tie knots until you run out of room or reach your desired stopping point, whichever comes first. Again be sure to carefully cut and burn excess to avoid the scaring of your bag.

With a little bit of paracord, most any handle or strap can be adapted to make carrying more comfortable. This is also another way to carry and have paracord with you at all times. While sore hands and shoulders may not entirely be a thing of the past, the possibility to improve such issues is very much there. Just add a little paracord to your burdens to make them less painful to bear!
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