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ParacordForum Tapatalk for Droid Released!

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I'm happy to let you guys know that the ParacordForum Tapatalk app for Droid has been released and you can get your copy of this branded app.

We're still waiting for approval for the iOS app, but the second Apple approves it I will let you guys know.

Thanks, and if you have any questions please ask!
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That's good to know. Now I can visit the forum easier from my GS3. I mostly visit the forum from my iPad2 so hurry up Apple and approve this! :)
Downloaded but waiting for the iOS version as that's where I do most of my reading. Can we use the full version of Tapatalk or only the dedicated version?
Only the dedicated. I prefer to use branded apps.
Dang. Was hoping it would be like ruger, springfield, and glock forum where I could have it in my tapatalk and a standalone app if I wanted. Off topic, Austin, do you run all of the GCS forums that can be found in the play store? There are a million lol
I do. I am the community admin.
You are a busy guy. BTW, new app... amazing. Thanks!
I'm glad you like it.

Busy is an understatement, but I love what I do, and do what I love.
I was just using the app on my GS3 and its runs smooth. Very nice and easy to use.

I didn't notice a Newest Threads section like on the web version of the site.
We will be doing a mass update to correct any issues anyone may be having.

Just wanted to let you guys know.
No performance issues here. This app is smooth. Good work.

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Works for me too

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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