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Paracord weave reference list / wiki ?

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Hi. :)

I was trying to show my friend different weaves of paracord designs so that she could choose one, and we ended up having to bounce around youtube , looking at thumbnails and scrubbing through videos , wading through blogs, and snapping shots of the paracord fusion book with my phone, just to see most of the finished weaves.

I thought it would be great to have ( at minimum ) a webpage with a list of weaves, with a finished photo and the name of the weave.
(and ideally , links to a tutorial, information on how many pieces of cord needed, how long the strands are, the main uses for the weave ( ie decorative vs functional) , who designed it, etc.)

In short, a paracord weave quick-reference wiki .
It would also save a lot of basic repeated questions that come up here.
Could also have a permanent link section to eg and other useful sites.

I already suggested this to the forum mods and they liked the idea, but well, they are busy people and a wiki is made by the masses, it doesn't require mod supervision.

I don't have mental focus (I'm a bit nuts) or enough paracord weave knowledge to do it, although I'm more than willing to help anyway possible with design or contribution.

Just wondering if there was already something like this ? Or if people here thought it was a good idea? And if so, would we all be willing to jump in and make it, and either link it or donate it to this awesome forum ?

I know there is already the forum, (especially they 'paracord colors' thread' above), but searching and finding stuff on here isn't exactly an easy reference encyclopaedia , stuff is scattered through time and threads, and the initial thumbnails are tiny, you have to enter a thread to see bigger ones etc,

There are a number of pre-set wiki building sites around, you just need to customise and manage a page. Anyone with the skills and motivation to get it going?

I know, it's dick of me to suggest an idea and ask others to do the work, but it was more an idea I'm throwing out to everyone so they can know it's there and decide what they want.

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What about using Wikipedia or wikihow or something similar?

Norm - Technog33k
Um, you would still have to search each knot?

I tried to find an example of what I mean, not many off the bat, so I apologise it turned out to be Pokemon.

Very roughly like this (link below ) , so you can quickly see a visual index of weaves.

Ideally the paracord one would be a nice sophisticated panel list version of this, sortable alphabetically or by knot type etc,

But the main idea is a quick visual identifier. The information and details would be nested inside. (Ie click on it to get them. )

Because you could say to me or list on a page the words: "Three Color Reverse Saw-Tooth Cascading Tiger Monkey Weave" or something , and even if I know what it looks like , I'll go "huh?", as would a lot of non-experts.
But you show me a bunch of pictures of weaves ,and I'll point straight to it.

Very loose example:

Edit: (and apologies,) my brain just realised the second interpretation of your statement didn't have a 'just' in it, but was rather a suggestion of resources.

I'm not actually familiar with how customisable and indexable those sites can get. Further research is necessary. Was just putting out feelers for interest .

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No worries, I know what you're looking for, just not sure of the indexing of it.

Do it sort of with a list down the side of types of knots, etc, but in the middle have a listing of thumbnails (don't have to be tiny or small, can be fairly large) kind of like an amazon grid listing or something...

Great idea! The others are right in that even if we did have a thread or section, indexing and searching is a problem. Someone might see Solomon Bar but have to click the thread for a picture. If it was just a straight thread, you could end up searching thousands of posts and not see a weave you like.

My suggestion, for all of you, is to go to the Photos section. Put a CLOSE UP picture of the weave, and a precise title like "Soloman Bar."

This would help you and help us! Cheers!

I'm afraid I'm not understanding the indexing problem.

Primarily it would be an image / large/ thumbnail index. You would see the pictures without clicking anything. These pictures would be tagged, and linked to information.

So you click the picture to see the text, not the other way around.

You could organise the order of the pictures by filter or search. And if you searched 'Solomon', you would just see pictures of any Solomon variation or derivative.

It's not a forum, or a place for people to post threads, it would be an online weave encyclopaedia / dictionary that due to text and names and tags bring searchable pretty much anywhere, would present primarily and foremost as a picture encyclopaedia.

Obviously the name in small text under the image, most likely.

And be like if unwanted a web wide approach

Or if you wanted it more specific.

Eg. Think when you scroll down YouTube looking for a particular weave you know the look of but not the name, or even just browsing for new ideas, and you just look at the video thumbnails and don't even look at the text. Well, take that idea and organise it / catalog it.

I get the feeling I'm going to have to build a sample page before people really get what I'm on about ...

That paracord pictures page (linked above) is definitely on the right track and looks like it has the potential to be a % of what I'm taking about.

But more accessible?
I didn't even know that page existed til just then.

And maybe more independent?
Yeah it would be great to have a forum related / sponsored one, but if there are great weavers / users out there who don't like this forum or have been estranged from it, or simply just keep missing it in their search engines, or just object to forums in general ,a more universal one might be better ?

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Check out there are links to videos for each knot as well
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