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When you are spending time in the wilderness, at some point you are going to want to pull up a chair and have a seat. In the woods, this is not always a readily available option. Sure, there might be fallen logs or tree stumps to sit on, but that is uncomfortable. Plus a creepy crawly thing might climb up your shorts and bite you, which will quickly make you sorry you sat there. What you want is a seat that is safe, clean, and elevated off the ground. One way to make that happen is with some paracord and a towel.

Find a tree with a sturdy limb about 10 feet off the ground that will support your weight. Then grab a rock and tie your paracord around it. Hurl that rock over the tree limb and measure about where you would like your seat to hang plus a couple feet for the purpose of tying the cord to a towel. Cut excess cord and again tie it to the rock. Chuck the rock over the limb once more and cut excess. You want to have two fairly evenly matched pieces of paracord.

Next grab your towel. You are going to tie the paracord to the towel in four places, those being the four corners of the towel, top and bottom, left and right. The best knot for this purpose is a sheet bend knot. If you are unfamiliar with this knot, watch the video below and imagine the white rope is your towel.

With all four knots tied, take the bottom of your towel and pull it up over the top as if you are trying to make your chair inside out. This will create a partial loop of paracord around the tree limb to aid in slip prevention. Alternatively, you could tie your towel with this loop already in place, but it is easier and less confusing to tie the paracord to corresponding corners of the towel and flip it later.

View attachment 2198

There is always the possibility that one of your knots may not be tight enough, so when you try your chair for the first time, ease your weight into it carefully. You could even throw your pack in there as an initial test and as long as that holds, give it a go as a chair. Even though you have that loop around the branch to minimize slippage, there is still some possibility of the chair moving, so always balance it out before getting in and out. Now that your chair is in place, kick back and enjoy it. If you've read this and realized you don't pack a towel when you hike, now is the time to reconsider and throw one in your pack. Happy trails!
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