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Paracord is synonymous with survival. Also synonymous with survival is sustenance. To survive, you must eat, and in some cases, to eat you must kill. This is where hunting comes into play.

To hunt, one must often trek into the woods over harsh terrain and wait for extended periods of time for prey to present itself. This can mean walking in darkness over unstable ground that could result in a fall. You can also get lost in darkness and be forced to set up camp for the night. Paracord can help make a splint for a twisted ankle as well as act as ridgeline for tents. In order for paracord to help you, however, we all know you must have some on hand.

If you are carrying a shotgun or rifle, a logical way to also carry paracord is in your sling. Slings can be made in varying lengths to acclimate your weapon and make carrying comfortable for you. Due to the size a sling will need to be, it offers the ability to carry a lot of paracord without even noticing. For example, a 36 inch long sling will contain 36 feet of paracord.

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You don't necessarily want to compromise that beautiful sling if you do not have to, however, so adding a second layer is a good way to give yourself access to lots of cord without jeopardizing the form and function of the sling. If your second layer is unattached to your main layer, you can have access to 36 feet of cord just as easily while still maintaining a working sling to cater to your rifle or shotgun carrying needs.

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If your shotgun or rifle is outfitted with sling swivels, you can purchase a sling with HK style clips that will attach to already mounted swivels. HK style clips are gaining in popularity and can serve other purposes if need be. They can snap onto items like a standard hardware snap would, helping you to carry or drag items as needed.

To make a sling of your own, measure the length you would like it to be and cut that amount of cord, translating your inches measurement into a foot requirement for cord needed to complete your sling. Then get busy tying your sling. It will usually take less than an hour to create a functional, sturdy, and dependable sling that will serve you for years to come. You can also buy one online that is already made or order one to your specifications.

Enjoy your sling and happy, safe hunting to you!
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