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Roller Derby is a craze that is sweeping (or, more accurately, has swept) the nation. A few friends of mine took up Roller Derby about five years ago when it was just getting started and it has since become all the rage. Although in decades past Roller Derby was quite popular, it has been on vacation for a little while. Now, however, it is back and better than ever.

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Derby girls need a lot of things to make their competition gear complete and paracord is becoming a large part of the required necessities. Since roller skates have laces, which we all know can wear out and break, having paracord on hand can get a skater back in the game quickly. In the time it takes to thread a pair of skates with paracord, that broken lace will be forgotten and the bout will be raging on like nothing ever happened to stop or slow it down.

Another item used in derby is pads for knees and elbows. Sure they are heavy duty and made to withstand blows, but even strong stuff bites the dust, especially when under the pressure of pushing, shoving, and wiping out. If a pad were to break, you would be out of the game without a replacement, which is where paracord can help. Repair broken pads and straps with paracord to get back on the track fast.

Replacement wheels are also something that must be toted around to practices and bouts. Wheels are easy to misplace and lose as they tend to roll away on their own, embracing the purpose for which a wheel was intended. By threading paracord through the center hole of wheels to bind them, they can be kept neatly together and rendered incapable of escape.

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Skate nooses are a common way to carry roller skates. By attaching the noose to the skates, you can tether them together for convenient carrying. Sling them over your neck or shoulder and be on your way. Paracord makes for excellent skate nooses due to being strong and durable as well as mildew resistant so when thrown in a bag of sweat gear, your skate noose will emerge without growing any sort of funk.

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Paracord has a lot of purposes, as we have said many times. These purposes are evolving and paracord is making appearances in new and different places all the time. You may not have associated paracord with roller skating or Roller Derby in the past, but rest assured it is there.
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