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    I do ALOT of paracord tying, it's a favorite past time and occasional business. Usually I'm home sitting on the couch and I have all of my tools that make everything easier sitting right in front of me, I have found using a 1/8" (tip) steel nail punch makes a pretty good tool for working the material throug or just tighning things up, sometimes however it slips and makes a run in the material.


    Recently I decided I needed a proper tool that was pointed but not sharp, I wanted a quality Marlin Spike so I began looking. I decided that I wanted a small to midsize marlin spike that would fit easily in the hand and that I could take anywhere. Finally I typed in "small marlin spike" and some popped up, then I came across one sold by Extreme Paracord in Louisiana for only $20.

    My Rhino Ropework Marlin Spike (sold by Extreme Para) came in and man is this thing nice. Its all stainless steel and has grooves for gripping, They put o-rings in the grooves for more grip and it has a hole for the keyring at the top. I can keep it on my keychain for those times when I throw a hank of cord in my pocket to prevent boredom wherever I am. This will come in really handy and maybe, maybe I can keep from using it for other stuff.


    It's made of stainless steel and has a brushed finish, it measures 5/16" and a hair over 3 1/2", its really the perfect size. I think I'm going to order another one before long so I can keep one with my other tools or incase anything happens to this one...better not! Lol I have been on a roll lately finding great deals on quality gear. I hope this helps any of you knotters and those of you that may find other uses for it.

    Thanks for reading,

    P.S. Don't buy them all I still want another one. :D
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    Nice spike indeed. I have one along with a few others from RR. Shane Marks is an amazing craftman when it comes to great spikes. Thanks for your order BTW. Look forward to your next order. :)