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Have you ever had difficulty pulling a magazine out of the place into which you had it painstakingly crammed, be it a magazine well or even a snug new pouch? If so, you are not alone. This is a problem we have all had from time to time and while there are some remedies available, they have their own set of issues.

A rubber magazine pull, also known magazine assist, can do the job of helping you to pull your magazines out, but it is also difficult to get on there in the first place. Being made of rigid rubber makes it durable, but it sure is not flexible and does not provide much give. You have to force it on there, and when the time comes to take it off, give it a pretty serious tug. Why take it off, you ask? Well, in an emergency action drill, you cannot effectively tap and rack with a huge hunk of rubber in your way. In a real life survival situation when your life in on the line, that could be a serious problem.

You also have to pay a nice chunk of change for this hunk of rubber, by the way. They come in under $20.00, but wouldn\'t you rather keep that cash? A much cheaper and more advantageous solution would be paracord.

Gather your magazines along with some paracord and tape. As far as the tape goes, pick your own poison. Duct tape is great, as is gorilla or electrical tape. They will all serve the purpose at hand. You will also need some paracord, approximately 6 inches for each magazine.

Simply cut your paracord into 6 inch sections and burn the ends so they will not fray. Then place them at the base of your magazine to create a pulling surface, with each end of the paracord on opposite sides of the magazine. Add some tape and voila!

This tried and true method has been utilized by soldiers for years for a reason-because it works! It is also cheap and can be made with things you will typically have laying around. The awesomeness of paracord strikes again!

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