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Sometimes it is just plain handy to have a length of paracord on your knife. It gives you something additional to grasp or even untie and use for another purpose. It also caters to the old adage of 'better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.'

There are several different types of knife fobs that you can make easily at home. The first of these is a crown sinnet, shown here made with 2 separate strands of micro paracord. This type of paracord is much smaller, hence the small fob, but the size of the fob compliments the size of the knife and will still yield a decent amount of cord.

View attachment 2143

View attachment 2144

Next is the standard cobra stitch, also known as a soloman bar or Portuguese sinnet. This is also made with 2 separate strands of paracord (550 in this case). One is shorter and folded in half to make a loop and the other is longer for the stitched area. This gives you the convenience of more than one piece of cord without having to cut anything.

View attachment 2145

Another option is a Chinese crown knot. This does not take a lot of cord to tie and gives somewhat of a chain appearance when several are tied in a row. Interesting, unique, and easy to tie as well as untie. The end of this fob is tied off with a two-stranded stopper knot.

View attachment 2146

Also a good idea is a chain knot. This is possibly the easiest knot to tie, especially if you have arthritic or achy hands. It is also a quick release knot, so if you decide you want to take it apart, you can do so quickly and easily. At the end of this particular fob is a monkey fist, which unlike the chain knot is a little more difficult to tie, especially with achy hands.

View attachment 2147

These are just a few examples of knots you can try for the purpose of a knife fob. All of them are fairly simple to tie and untie as needed or as you get bored with one and wish to try another. It is also possible to make all of the knots featured here with shorter lengths of paracord so give it a shot with some slack you have laying around. Happy paracording and enjoy your new fobs!
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