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Survival and safety are things often taken for granted while exploring our favorite activities and hobbies. A lot of times, when you leave the house you do not think about the possibility of not making it back. You do not think about the danger or trouble you can encounter along the way. Instead, you leave with fun in mind, not really expecting the worst case scenario.

Fact is, there are a lot of activities we humans undertake that involve dangers for which we may not be prepared. Take horseback riding for example, especially on trail rides. You saddle up your trusty equine friend and go wandering off into the woods. Sure, you have a bottle of water and a granola bar in your saddlebag, but what if real tragedy strikes? Lots of riders set out alone and even if they have a cell phone, they may trek into places where a signal is unattainable. What if your phone gets dropped into a puddle or stepped on by your 1200lb horse? No phone calls for you!

You never know when paracord might come to your rescue, so you might as well have lots of it. In addition to the standard bracelets and fobs many people carry, if you are a horseback rider, you can carry paracord in yet another unique way. Every rider uses reins, so why not make yours of paracord? The tensile strength of paracord is plenty strong to use to create durable reins that will not break. The texture of paracord is tacky enough that it is easy to grip yet comfortable. Plus, if you ever need paracord, it is right there in your hands.

Horseback riders face a lot of potential problems on the trails, and paracord reins will be there for you every step of the way. Even if you have to take them apart, you can still fashion a new set out of the remnants to get you through. They say a horse always knows his way home, but what if you have trailered out to an unfamiliar place? Whether or not he will remember his way back to the trailer in new, distracting terrain or in darkness is anyone\'s guess. You and Trigger could very well find yourselves camping unexpectedly and using those paracord reins to create shelter.

To make paracord reins, remember that every inch of tied reins requires one foot of paracord. Thus, an 8 foot set of reins will require 96 feet of paracord to make. That is a lot of cord to get you through a trail ride gone awry. Also consider the type of snaps you want to use--reins that snap onto the bit are very convenient but those snaps can come in handy as well so choose wisely. Highly visible colors such as orange are also a good idea to make yourself seen during hunting season so you and your horse are less likely to be mistaken for a deer.

Next time you saddle up, don\'t forget the paracord. Paracord looks great on horses, coming in a plethora of colors to match any saddle pad. There is nothing better than riding with stylish reins that can truly save the day. Ride on and ride safe.
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