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Protecting oneself has become a reality in this rapidly evolving, or devolving as the case may be, world in which we live. Regardless of the means you choose to protect yourself, it is important to consider the multitude of ways a situation can do down. If someone is threatening your life, your response might not include opting to go easy on them. On the flipside, if you catch someone in your backyard trying to steal the copper from your air conditioning unit, taking their life or inflicting great bodily harm may not be the best way to go unless you are prepared to face ramifications for doing so. Regardless of what the case may be, there will be times in our lives when we need to stand up and ensure that those who wrong us are sufficiently punished by the fullest extent of the law, which requires ensuring they are still present when the law arrives.

There are several ways in which you can detain someone, but many of those methods require equipment that is cumbersome to carry in your daily travels. Toting a set of handcuffs (or more than one set, because let\'s face it, some people are broadly built and will require more than one set) is not always the most practical thing. If you show up to a board meeting and handcuffs fall out of your pocket, you are bound to turn some heads, and no one wants to be the weird guy who brings handcuffs to a paperweight fight.

An alternative to traditional, metal handcuffs are zip ties, which have become quite popular but are still lengthy and rigid in their original state. Stuffing zip ties in your pocket will not be as cumbersome as a set of handcuffs, but will also not be discreet. What will be light, discreet, and easy to conceal while still being ready for immediate use is paracord handcuffs. So what if someone sees a piece of paracord fall out of your pocket? It doesn\'t look much different from a shoelace and doesn\'t raise nearly the amount of eyebrows a set of metal handcuffs might if it were to fall out in front of the many prying, judgmental eyes we are faced with on a daily basis.

Making paracord handcuffs is quick and easy. Grab about 3 feet of cord and fold it in half, making a loop between your thumb and index finger. Then take the length of your cord and wrap it around your index finger twice, wrapping inward from the outside with your first wrap inside the loop you made and then your second wrap inside the first wrap.

Once you\'ve completed the wraps, take the length of cord to the right and loop it upward to the outside, then carefully slide it to the left against your finger and through the loops you have made. Then take the length of cord to the left and loop it upwards to the outside and carefully slide it to the right against your finger and through the loops you have made. Work the center knot until it is tight.

To use, places hands through loops and pull tight. Secure with a double stop knot like the type you would use to tie your shoes. Your perp will then be secure until you can hand him or her off to the boys in blue!

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