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By now it is no secret that paracord is one of the most important things you can incorporate into your gear. You can wear bracelets, belts, lanyards and such, but what if you are simply not into that sort of thing? There is always the option of a key chain, but key chains are small and might not hold a significant amount of cord...or can they?

They typical paracord key chain is probably more for looks than anything, but we are not here to discuss what is typical. What we are here to discuss it something a little more on the explosive side...explosively awesome, that is!

Enter the grenade. It is small yet mighty, holding several feet of cord in what is basically a little ball. Your average paracord bracelet is about seven or so inches long, thus holding seven feet of paracord, but you can make this nifty grenade with easily twelve feet of paracord. It is also simple to make and barely noticeable at all jingling around in your pocket with your keys.

Simply take a length of paracord (at least six feet long) and fold it in half. Measure the completed length you would like it to be, keeping in mind one tied inch requires one foot of cord and assuring you have enough to complete your project. Begin tying half knots in the style of a cobra stitch, Soloman Bar, or Portuguese sinnet. Once you are back to the top near the fold you created initially, leave a small amount of that fold exposed in the form of a loop. Then flip it over and tie back in direction from which you just came, pulling tightly at the ends but leaving the middle a little looser to give the rounded appearance of a grenade. Do this over and over until you are down to about three or four inches of spare cord.

Halt your knots at the bottom of your grenade and pull the left strand over to the right side, tying a standard knot with the left cord around the right cord. Trim off any excess and burn the edges so they do not fray. However, leave a couple of inches to wrap around the back and tuck between knots. You want to secure them but at the same time make them accessible enough that you can retrieve them easily when you need to use your paracord.

The grenade pictured was made with six feet of cord and is 1.25 inches wide and 2 inches tall, making it a small, convenient way to carry a decent amount of paracord. This grenade may be inert, but I assure you, it is no dud.

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