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With spring break coming up, lots of folks are bound to have kids hanging around the house looking for something to do. To keep bored kids out of trouble, a paracord project may be in order. Making bracelets is probably the easiest way to occupy kids, but if you have a girly girl on your hands, a paracord bracelet might not be up her alley. To satisfy the girly side with paracord related crafts, you might need to step up your game.

In the craft section of any big box store, you are bound to find tons of options for necklace and bracelet making. This can include a variety of beads. Unfortunately not a lot of beads are made to fit over something as big around as a strand of paracord, so outside the box thinking may be necessary. To make a beaded project work with paracord, the trick is to add some fishing line for beading, then wrap the line around your paracord.

With a small strand of fishing line, kids can make a beaded bracelet or necklace. Very small beads are easy to find in a vast array of colors and they come very cheap. Fishing line you may already have, but having to buy some more is no big deal because finding uses for fishing line is an easy task-just go fishing! Plus, in the case of the project at hand, fishing line is great because it is easier to place beads on due to being more rigid than other types of string or thread.

Start with a length of paracord a couple of inches longer than the completed project is expected to be. Then take a length of fishing line and secure it about an inch from one end of the paracord. Start placing beads on the fishing line and wrap it around the paracord as you go. The goal is to create a beaded bracelet with paracord as a base. Since paracord is bigger around than fishing line, wrapping the beaded line around the paracord will create a bigger, wider, and sturdier bracelet. Continue wrapping until you reach a stopping point where the bracelet is as long as you need it to be. Then add clasps or closures if you wish or simply tie off the fishing line and use the excess paracord on each end to tie the bracelet around your wrist. Adding clasps to paracord can be difficult due to the size of paracord in comparison to clasps, so tying it is often the easiest way to go. If you prefer to use clasps, however, expect to spend some time shopping around for an adequate size.

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In the end, you will have a beaded bracelet with a paracord center and happy, entertained kids. Even though such bracelets may seem too pretty to be practical, there is still both paracord and fishing line contained within, both of which are useful to have on hand. Although the beads may get lost if it ever had to be taken apart, the point to remember here is that even a pretty bracelet can still serve a purpose and have a job.
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