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Paracord is one of those versatile things that has uses most everyone can appreciate. No matter what your walk of life may be, paracord should be walking with you. Even the most basic task can be made better with paracord. Speaking of walking, that is probably one of the hobbies that can benefit the most from paracord.

If you are an avid hiker, you know the dangers you may face by going off the beaten path and into the wilderness. Being injured miles from civilization or when you are alone can put you in a dangerous predicament. You are going to need to be innovative and think on your feet to survive any of the injuries you might incur. Having paracord on you may help you do that.

Even walking the city streets, you could fall prey to injury and need help that paracord can provide. It is cold and icy in many parts of the country right now, so slipping and falling is very much a possibility. Having paracord with you can help stabilize a sprain or strain until you can seek medical attention to have it properly evaluated and set.

Moreover, paracord is good for walking beside you in yet another way. If you walk with a stick or a cane, paracord can make the handle more comfortable to grip. It can also make the handle easier to grip, such as with slick surfaces. Gripping a slick surface, especially during moments in which you depend on it not to let you fall as you let your walking device bear your weight, can be difficult to begin with and even more so if you have sweaty palms. Because of this, I suggest wrapping such items in paracord.

Here we have a walking stick that is used for hiking purposes. It is beautiful, sealed wood, and it is also slick to the touch, becoming more so if your hands are sweaty. To remove the possibility of a hand slipping off of it, I added paracord. In a section small enough for my hand to grasp, I tied a cobra stitch around the stick. This has helped tremendously with gripping the stick and gives me the benefit of having paracord handy. Using a bright color also helps enhance visibility should I drop this wooden stick in the woods where it will fall amongst other wooden sticks. It also has a set of Ranger Beads attached for keeping track of progress over land.

The simple addition of paracord has added stability and practicality to this walking stick. The stick is now more helpful to me in addition to being easier to see and keeping more paracord accessible to me. This is another case of making your stuff work for you, and possibly one of the best examples to date.
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