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Everyone has someone in their lives who at one time or another will be in need of a gift. Regardless of the holiday in question, you want to do something special for the people you love. There may not even be a holiday or any other specific reason other than wanting to show that you care in your own unique way. There are lots of paracord items that can serve as gifts. You can make bracelets, anklets, rifle or shotgun slings, lanyards, and much, much more. What if you want to step outside of the box? What if the person you are gifting is not quite the paracord aficionado that you are and you want to slowly convert them? A good place to start is by paracording something they already need and use regularly.

Since we all have our own unique tastes and hobbies, it can be tough to decide what type of paracord gifts will make someone else happy. Take for instance, if that person is a doctor, emergency medical technician, paramedic, survivalist, or just a believer in having a fully stocked first aid kit including as many medical components as possible. Sure, those people might benefit from lanyards or even bracelets that symbolize their work and beliefs, but you can try something else to which they will feel a connection. That something is a stethoscope wrapped in paracord.

A stethoscope is made with plastic tubing that over time can crack, wear, and become dry rotted. This tubing can be protected and made to last longer by encasing it in paracord. All it takes is a simple wrap job or tying the knot of your choice over the length of the stethoscope to give it added longevity and a flashy look. If you know someone who is frequently misplacing an item such as this, covering it in brightly colored paracord is sure to make it easier to find.

The best means of covering a stethoscope is probably a knot such as a cobra stitch (AKA Portuguese Sinnet or Solomon Bar) since it will lay flat and not obstruct use. Other types of knot will get the job done as well, but could be bulky and interfere with the carrying and use of a stethoscope. To tie a cobra, simply start at one end and work your way down to the opposite end. If you wish to use two colors, lay some excess against the tubing and tie over it to secure it in place. You want to burn as few areas as possible to avoid damaging the stethoscope and affecting its use. When you get to the end and cut your excess, a careful, deliberate burn will be necessary.

Many of us will not have use for a stethoscope in our daily lives, but it is possible that some of us will. There are also plenty of us who may know someone who might like or could benefit from having such a tool. Whatever the case may be, a stethoscope is one more item that looks good in paracord.

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