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If you go to the sporting goods section of any big box store or specifically a box big sporting goods store, you can buy fishing supplies to your heart\'s content. Places such as this contain items to make your wildest dreams come true; you can buy anything you want in every size and color you ever dared imagine. That is exciting for some, and even practical, but I prefer to make my own stuff whenever possible. This does not mean fishing supplies and tackle exclusively, but those things are certainly included on the list.

Not too long ago, the topic of paracord fids came up on here and it was mentioned why they are useful to have. Paracord fids are easy to make by taking a screw post and attaching it to a piece of paracord. In doing this, you basically create an oversized sewing needle for projects such as lacing boots or anything else that could be made easier by manipulating a metal end through tight spaces. One such tight space that comes to mind when considering things other than paracord crafts is the gills of a fish.

Most commercially made fish stringers you see have a slightly pointed metal tip to use in guiding fish onto the stringer as well as in securing it. This metal end makes it much easier to pass the stringer through the gills of the fish, as using a limp piece of cord or rope alone could result in difficulty stringing the fish. Having something with a rigid end to begin the process will make it much easier and far more successful overall.

Paracord is excellent material to use as a fish stringer. Its tensile strength will easily hold even extremely large fish in place and your paracord will not mold or mildew after the fact (although it might smell a little fishy). You can also quite easily tie a sturdy loop at the other end through which to thread your metal end. Because of this, paracord makes an excellent choice to use as a fish stringer. Whether or not you choose to make a fid for the purpose of a stringer, paracord is still able and willing to serve as a fish stringer.

Stringing fish is designed to keep them alive until you are ready to prepare them as a meal. This enables you to catch and confine several fish at a time so you can wait until you have enough fish caught to feed your family or group and can cook for everyone all at once. Next time you are out fishing, consider adapting some paracord to act as a stringer. It is much more humane and easier to work than metal stringers (it also will not rust!) and will serve you time and time again. Just be sure to wash it with warm soapy water to get the fish smell out before you put it back in your pocket or pack!

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