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It is a pesky thing having to wear glasses. They slide down your nose and sometimes even fall all the way off your face at the most inopportune times. Once they have fallen off, there is no telling where they might land, be it in a rushing waterway that will sweep them into oblivion or directly under your next football, both of which are detrimental to your eyesight. Losing both prescription spectacles and expensive designer sunglasses can be heartbreaking so it is only logical to adapt some paracord to keep your glasses where they belong.

To create a paracord eyeglass or sunglass holder, you will need a comfortable length of paracord and some heat shrink tubing. The paracord can be whatever length you want it to be based on how low you want your glasses to be able to hand when not resting on your face and heat shrink tubing comes in multiple colors so you can mix and match colors with ease. To have your glasses settle at chest level, about two feet of cord should be adequate to get the job done. You can opt for a simple single strand of paracord or you can tie a specific knot on the cord to make it thicker around your neck thicker. You may also wish to add a slide stop if you go with a single strand because this will allow you to tighten slack and remove excess as you see fit.

Whether or not you decide to apply a stitch to your eyeglass holder, be sure you have a few inches at each end that are single strand cord. Take each end and seal it with a burn to prevent fraying and to make it easier to slide into the casing you will use to secure it to your glasses. Once this is done, cut about an inch of heat shrink tubing for each arm of your glasses. Slide the paracord into the heat shrink tubing and then slide the arm of the glasses in next to it, keeping the paracord on the outside so it will not rub against your head. With a lighter, apply heat until the heat shrink tubing does its thing and shrinks to form-fit to your glasses. It will not take much heat to accomplish this so take care not to overdo it; applying heat gradually is the way to go. Repeat this same process for the other side and you\'re done!

A few minutes of your time and a few dollars (if that) is all it takes to create a simple eyeglass holder that will serve you well. No more glasses falling off your face should you trip, abruptly turn your head, or look down. No more possible crush damage to glasses that have experienced the tug of gravity. For the minutes and pennies spent undertaking this project, you will have the reward of glasses that stay actually stay near your face and off the ground. Considering the high price of glasses, having a tool to help keep them safe is priceless!
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