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Sporting events are an American pastime. Many of these sports are played in warm or hot weather when profuse sweating is a part of the game, especially if you live in a humid climate. Fun in the sun takes on a whole new meaning during the summer heat, and as nice as it is to be outside in that warmth, the heat can also affect your performance at sporting events. Hydration is important, of course, but so is something else: the ability to grip the tools of your trade, or sport as the case may be.

Baseball is played in warm months and is thus one of those sports that could benefit from paracord. Baseball bats often have rubber grips, but this is not always the case. Some bats, such as wooden bats, do not have grips on them. Grips also have a tendency to wear out over time and do not always match the lifespan of the bat itself. A solution to a bat without a grip or even a way to enhance a grip and make it tackier is to add paracord.

Starting at the base of your bat, tuck a few inches of paracord against the body of your bat and hold it in place. Begin wrapping the paracord around the bat, covering the piece tucked against it, until you have wrapped enough of the bat to give you a comfortable grip section. When you have placed a suitable amount of paracord on your bat, cut and burn the excess, pressing the hot paracord against the rung wrapped next to it, securing it in place.

Adding paracord will help with shock absorption as well as enabling a better hold with sweaty hands. The crack of the bat that reverberates up your arms and into your body can sometimes be painful, but paracord can act as a buffer during the impact, bearing the brunt of some of the concussion rather than allowing as much of it to travel into your body. It can also make a bat grip that feels too small more of an adequate size to accommodate larger hands.

Other examples of sports that could benefit from paracord are golf, fishing, bike polo, lacrosse, and even hockey. The grip of a golf club, much like that of a baseball bat, can wear out over time and fall off. Replace it easily with a paracord wrap and your problem is solved! The foam-type grips on fishing poles are notorious for dry-rotting or being damaged by salt air, causing them to break down and come off of your pole. Replace those with paracord as well and get back to comfortably catching dinner. When the sports world calls, paracord answers, saving your game, grip, and hands.
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