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If you have high dollar electronics in your house, you know how precious those devices are as well as how necessary it is to protect them. Part of ensuring the safety and good functioning of those devices is keeping their components safe. This includes power cords and chargers which are particularly susceptible to damage if you have animals that like to chew or small children that like to engage in games of tug-of-war without realizing on what they are tugging.

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Most everyone is a cell phone owner these days. Part of cell phone ownership is being a slave to the power that keeps that phone going. If you have a smart phone that runs several applications at the same time, you probably have a better understanding than most of just how fast a battery can die. Thus you most likely carry a charger with you much of the time and would be seriously put out if you were to lose that charger to damage. They may only cost a small amount of money to replace, but the inconvenience of going without between replacements is enough to have you wishing your charger were more rugged in the first place.

If you can relate to such sentiments, then perhaps you should consider paracord as a protective barrier for your cell phone or iPad charger. While paracord is no guarantee against damage, it makes for an extra layer to buffer precious cords from being nicked or cut. After all, if paracord is on your charger, the paracord will have to be damaged before the charger itself can be. Might as well let paracord do the job of being a sacrificial lamb and get as much use as possible out of chargers and other such cords!

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All you need to do is tie a cobra stitch (AKA Portuguese Sinnet or Solomon Bar) over the charger cord. Measure out the amount of cord you wish to cover and cut a corresponding amount of paracord. The rule is one foot of cord for each inch of tied cord, but since most modern chargers are thin, you may be able to get away with using slightly less. Fold your paracord in half so you know where the center is and place that center against one end of the charger. Start tying your knot pattern until you reach the end, at which point you can very carefully cut and seal with a burn, exercising extreme caution not to burn your charger. If you prefer, just tie loose cord at the end in an overhand knot that lies close to your charger so nothing will work its way loose and come untied.

Just like that your charger will be reinforced and ready to withstand a little more torture. This will help it hold up to being tossed in bags and stepped on while on the floor or abused in any other ways that can result in chargers being compromised. Although chargers are synonymous with the survival of technology more so than the wilderness, it never hurts to have that much more paracord handy because life can surprise you and you might wind up needing it.
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