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By now it is no secret that paracord bracelets are not only awesome but also advantageous to have. These days you can buy them just about anywhere, up to and including your local drugstore or even gas stations. This is a little dismaying to those of us who prefer the do-it-yourself course of action as opposed to the mass produced option, but as with anything capable of money-making potential, bracelets are popping up everywhere with a cash register. It is up to you whether you wish to purchase or make your own, but if you opt to make one, there are some important decisions you have to make beforehand. Color and size need to be thought out, but also on your list should be the type of closure you prefer to utilize.

Shackles are neat because they have a dual purpose; you can use them on your bracelet or as part of a larger project as needed. They are durable and sturdy depending on the size and load bearing capacity you choose. Although they can be bulky and cumbersome, this is the sort of choice you make when an item's ability to serve you is important. Odds are you will wear a shackle if you think you will someday need a shackle rather than because you are trying to make a fashion statement. The easiest place to find these is a home improvement store but they can get pricey.

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Side Release Buckles
The most common bracelet closure is a side release buckle. They come in many different colors and sizes, thereby making them extremely versatile. These buckles also come with a curve that makes them flush against your wrist and therefore less bulky. Best of all, they are cheap and can be found most anywhere, be it military surplus stores, online retailers, or sometimes even the crafts department of big box stores.

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Monkey Fist
What better to make a paracord bracelet closure with than more paracord? By tying a loop at one end and a monkey fist at the other, you can eliminate the need for other forms of hardware to close your bracelet. Be advised that it takes a little extra slack to get this bracelet on and off as you need to be able to pass your loop over the monkey fist. The only cost associated with this is the extra paracord you will need to make it happen.

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You can use a button in much the same way you would a monkey fist. Just tie a bracelet with a button at one end and a loop at the other. You will also need a little extra slack to pull the loop over the button. The finished product will be pretty flat and smooth against your skin and costs only a small amount more to make since buttons are also very cheap to purchase.

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Whichever method you choose, know that you have options. There is sure to be one that will work for you and make you happy at the same time. Best of all, it will be unique to you because it was made by you, and no drugstore bracelet can compete with that.
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