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With e-readers taking over the book market, it is starting to seem as though actual books with pages are becoming a thing of the past. I myself prefer books made of paper as opposed to those in digital format, so I am hanging on for dear life to those crisp, printed pages. Part of keeping actual books alive is keeping bookmarks to protect the pages written off by so many in favor of a tablet screen. It is important to preserve what we have while we have it, such as is the case with books. Printed books are like dinosaurs going extinct and soon generations will exist that never knew their greatness. If you have books in your collection that you wish to preserve, stop folding page corners to mark your spot and do so with paracord instead.

It occurred to me to use paracord as a bookmark by accident really. I was working on a paracord project when a new book came in the mail. Excitedly, I opened the book and started reading, forgetting about the paracord beside me for a while. When it came time to move on to other projects, I had to mark my place in the book somehow, and paracord was all I had handy. I took a spare piece and slipped it inside, closing the book around it. The paracord, I am pleased to admit, worked perfectly.

If you wish to make a paracord bookmark, there are several ways to go about doing so. What you really need is an anchor at each end to make sure it will not slip out. This can be done with a charm or some sort of knot, but I would not rely on the cord alone. It is not so much that the paracord is likely to slip out so much as it may get accidentally pulled out. If left to its own devices it will more likely than not stay where you put it, but to be on the safe side, add a little something to each end, even if only for the fun of it.

Tying a charm on each end is one way to keep your cord in place. Having a knot to secure that charm will prevent the charm from being able to disappear into your pages. Most craft stores sell large wooded beads that have wide enough holes to allow them to fit on a piece of paracord. You can always place one on each end followed by an overhand knot to keep them in place. Also possible is adding a monkey fist to each end.

By using monkey fists, even small ones, you give yourself something that will definitely not be able to escape into the interior of your book. Tying a monkey fist with or without a marble or other object inside is up to you and depends on what size and weight you want your bookmark to be. Creating a monkey fist bookmark can be a little tricky, however, due to the fact that you need two monkey fists, one on each end. Tying the first one is simple, but adding the second can be a little more difficult. You will need to be able to place the fists the correct distance apart for your planned usage. You may wish to guesstimate the length you need for your bookmark and fist and cut at a certain point. I choose to go ahead and tie the second fist with the cord still attached, cutting it once the monkey fist is almost completely finished, at which point I singe the edges and tuck them inside. My bookmark wound up being a little longer than expected but that beats it being too short.

Combining a love of books with a love of paracord makes a fun project for you or a nice gift for someone else. The paracord bookmark can even be used in text books for school age students, although placing a marble or anything else in a monkey fist going to school should be avoided. Marking pages is just another way in which paracord can rise to the occasion, helping us conquer yet one more task that allows us to read in piece and keep our pages whole and intact.
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