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Widgy bars are small tools with prying capabilities. They are intended for when you don't want to break the end of your knife blade, which we all know would be rather unfortunate and quite a bummer. If the task at hand calls for prying action, a Widgy can get the job done. It can do anything from opening a wooden crate of ammo (its original intent and purpose), to unsticking a desk drawer, prying open a stubborn pop can top, opening paint cans, and much more. There are many reasons to keep a Widgy or other compact pry bar on hand, but the question DO you keep it on hand? It is a smooth piece of metal, after all, so you could simply put it in your pocket, or you could do something much more interesting with it. One such suggestion is to make a keychain out of it.

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You will only need a few feet of paracord to wrap your Widgy, which will give you the benefit of having paracord and a pry tool all in one. The paracord will enable you to grip your Widgy more easily, plus you will be able to take the paracord off should you ever need it. Plus, the size of this Widgy is convenient. Attach it to your key ring or snap it on to your pack and it stays quietly out of the way until you call upon its service. It also gives you the benefit of having access to a pry tool without looking like you're about to break into something, which is always nice!

There are multiple ways you could close the loop on your Widgy, such as a plastic zipper pull (pictured). This option is easy, convenient, and cheap, but also pretty standard. Another way is to tie a knot that brings the two pieces of cord together, such as a two-stranded stopper knot or or a diamond knot. Both of these knots are round and require two pieces of paracord to be tied together, which is perfect for a Widgy since the cord coming off of your tied Widgy will have two separate ends.

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The bottom line here is that this is a simple, strong, and extremely useful tool that no one should be without. It will give you the extra leverage you need to pry open stubborn containers and will assist you in the completion of many other tasks. The world is your oyster-open it with a Widgy bar.
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